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If you want to compete in global markets, localization of your website, mobile app and marketing materials is vital

Website Localization

Do you have customers overseas and move product in different markets? Or are you thinking about dipping your toes into foreign waters? With more than 3.5 billion internet connections today, global tastes are merging. But if you want to expand your market share and greatly increase your sales, you’ll need to target your message carefully to each new audience.

Day Digital can create a high-impact, user-friendly website for you. We’ll provide killer content and CTAs that convert casual visitors into conversions. And we can do that for you across the globe.

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Mobile App Localization

With nearly 3 million apps available in Google Play and just slightly fewer for the Apple Store, you need yours to stand out. Take your mobile app to a foreign store without correctly localizing your message and watch your visibility drop. Because localization takes into account vocabulary, nuances and expressions, we’ll use the right keywords to make sure your mobile app is seen. We’ll provide you with flawless translations and localized images and icons that laser-targeted to your audience. With over a decade’s experience in the translation industry, we can take on any language and handle any project size.

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What Does Localization Involve?

Many people confuse localization with translation. While there are similarities, localization goes way deeper than taking care of the words. Not only will we craft a stellar message for you that speaks straight to the heart of a native. But, we’ll also handle the coding and behind-the-scenes work that website localization and mobile app localization involve. Making sure that things like:

  • Prices are shown in local currency
  • Dates are correctly formatted by region
  • Imperial or metric measurement system is applied
  • Content contains the right keywords
  • Images and colors are appropriate
  • SEO and ASO are on-point and targeted
  • Screen shots are translated and seamless

What you’ll get is a finished product that appeals to your target market, from Barcelona to Bangalore. From project management to translation, development to marketing and SEO, our localization services are turnkey and get the results you need.

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Why Choose Day Digital for Your Localization Services?

Because we get results, plain and simple. We take the headache and confusion out of entering foreign markets and improve your SERP ranking and visibility in the App Store. We provide an end-to-end service, from initial website design and development to creation of foreign language versions. We’ll take care of the research, coordination, message, and leave you with a quality product that increases conversion and your bottom line! What are you waiting for?

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How do I get my Content Translated to Reach Local Clientele?

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